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For that extra round, for the fighters safety, professional cutmen for your event or team. Experiened in giving the fighter that edge in safely to fight.

Safety Team

Professional team for the event, from wrap, to trauma care, to grease and ice, our team ensures the fighters safety before during and after the fight.


Certified training programs from one of China's top sports school, home of many top champions. The Xian Physical Education Institute fighter safety programs include referee, cutman, fighter safety, cornering, and fighter management.

The cutman

There at the most important minute between your bouts, the CUTMAN! The hands are the tools of the trade, protect them properly and they will give you the edge to go the extra round. From wrapping your hands to bleed stoppage, reducing the swelling, ice treatment, grease application, massage, the little things that protects the fighter. Between rounds there are only 60 seconds to sort it all out, the cutman is crucial to ensure that you are ready when the bell rings.


The fighters Advantage

Fighters get hit! You cannot fight your best game when you are hindered by injury. Hematoma around the eyes, swelling of the muscles, injured hands, are common injuries. Protect your fighter, get that extra round, let the fight continue!



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